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Discussion about our websites, company, how they work, and how we can improve them.

BCOT Token Sale

Use this category to discuss the upcoming Blockchain of Things token sale

Coin Economics

Coin Economics relates to the technical and financial drivers of our token system but terms may lead into more broad concepts as it relates to crypto currencies.

Catenis Product Functionality

Discussions and explanations related to Catenis as a service, here you can better equip yourself in understanding the fundamental workings of our product.


Security related topics ranging from protocol methodology, encryption, blockchain integration and device/application web service integration. Other security topics will be added over time as users pose questions, we welcome all constructive inquiries.


Announcements for the Catenis Product and our company Block Chain of Things, will be posted here.

Media, News and Publications

Posts will be specific to Catenis or Block Chain of Things being spotlighted on the internet.