Address Generation


This is regarding something written in your white paper … since you are creating new addresses for every message, is it possible to use an already established address?

Could this happen with the hundreds/thousands of addresses a company uses for sending hundreds if not thousands of messages a day?

Are these Bitcoin address or Catenis addresses?

Thanks for any help, just want some clarity


Each virtual device (represented by the integration endpoints) have Catenis IDs or alternatively, companies can use their own product IDs (more on this later). Virtual Devices map to physical devices and act as a proxy that does all the difficult integration work for the physical device. Under the covers, Catenis maps either the VD’s ID or the Product ID to the blockchain addresses (public-private key pairs) that get generated for each message and are used for perfect forward secrecy encryption. So although we create a new blockchain address for each message and logging request, the VD ID the customer uses is a static ID (VD ID or Product ID).

To allow greater flexibility for companies, Catenis can map pre-existing product IDs to these dynamic blockchain addresses. This simplifies the ability for existing companies with large SKUs of product IDs to use those IDs within Catenis. Once a Product ID is mapped to a Virtual device it can be used for transmitting messages. This provides flexibility for pre-existing inventory.