Can it stop Botnet attacks


Does Catenis help to stop botnet attacks? Im new to all this from Germany. thanks you


From what I have understood, Catenis and other Blockchain based technologies are not susceptible to BotNet attacks. A hacker would need to compromise the system to then use it against other computers. Blockchain and other crypto technologies are immune to that.

If anyone else can speak to this I would appreciate them chiming in since I am also learning


Often, the cybercriminal will seek to infect and control thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of computers – so that the cybercriminal can act as the master of a large ‘zombie network’ – or ‘bot-network’ – that is capable of delivering a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, a large-scale spam campaign or other types of cyberattack. DDoS attacks are what I assume you are referring to. In this case, a decentralized architecture removes a central point of attack, and the capacity for botnets to hamper all devices connected to a central cloud. Since no central attack surface exists. So yes Catenis can guard against such attacks.