Differences of BCOT


What makes BCOT different from Weeve networks and Streamr? And will it be compatible with one M2M and non M2M compatible devices? And how you are working on scalability and handling huge transactions?

Question asked by: Abhay Sapru


Weeve is a wallet to buy and sell data. Catenis is a Bitcoin blockchain integration layer for IoT devices. While you can build a weave system with Catenis one cannot do what Catenis does with Weave.

Streamr seems to focus on data exchange. While you can capture and exchange data with Catenis, we are more of a broader product offering.

We already handle transactions of any size. We stream it to a location of your choosing and piggyback on a Bitcoin transaction for security. As a second layer technology we are not hampered by Bitcoin’s limitations, however we are able to use its strong security.